Frasers freshens up Modena brand

Frasers Hospitality has announced it is refreshing its Modena brand “as part of its commitment to meeting the evolving needs of travellers" through innovation.

In conjunction with the first anniversary celebrations of Modena by Fraser Bangkok, Frasers Hospitality is "rejuvenating the Modena by Fraser brand with an emphasis on simplicity, sustainability and holistic wellness in the creation of modern living spaces".
Launched in 2010, the Modena by Fraser brand was created to offer "affordable and stylish fully-serviced residences in fast-growing cities" and it made its debut with the opening of Modena by Fraser Putuo Shanghai. This was was followed by four additional openings: Modena by Fraser New District Wuxi and Modena by Fraser Zhuankou Wuhan in 2014, Modena by Fraser Bangkok in 2016, and Modena by Fraser Changsha in 2017.
Frasers says: "At the heart of the revamped Modena by Fraser Brand is holistic wellness. The service offerings are designed to help guests feel at home from the moment they arrive, allowing them to transition as smoothly as possible into their new 'home' so that they can focus on the task at hand. One of the new features of the revamped Modena by Fraser brand is the provision of a carefully curated sleeping pack consisting of camomile tea, eye masks and a pillow menu, which has been specially developed to help guests feel relaxed and recharged for the day ahead. Travellers can also unwind after a busy schedule through a diverse range of recreational amenities such as 24-hour gym, steam and sauna facilities and all-day dining options."
Choe Peng Sum, CEO of of Frasers Hospitality, said."As a growing global hospitality brand, we are committed to staying responsive to our guests' travel needs by evolving with the changing consumer landscape. We recognise the pressures that travellers often experience in this fast-paced world, which is why Modena by Fraser has been designed to create a private sanctuary for our guests. To improve travellers' quality of sleep, we have introduced a new sleep kit that includes a pillow menu, so that guests can feel prepared and recharged the next day. By focusing on simple, minimalist and intuitive design, the Modena by Fraser brand offers a solution that takes care of guests, the environment and the local community concurrently. We aim to raise awareness among today's travellers about the positive experiences that indulging in simplicity creates for them."

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